Accrochage de l'atelier "Portraits croisés" avec les photographes de Light Motiv, Richard Baron et Antoine Repessé (2014)


Editions Light Motiv set up workshops and meetings with the public based on the house's publications. Thanks to workshops in particular, participants can work along with a photographer and discover her/his mode of expression, her/his approach and way of representing the world. They learn the practice of photography while putting into perspective and interpreting the themes addressed by the photographer in her/his projects and works.

The mediation work through workshops may lead the public, children, teenagers and adults, to renew their view of places, themes, people who shape their environment.

Portraits made during the 'Bookface' workshop led by French photographer Quentin Pruvost at Carvin Media Library as part of "Partir en livre" programme with the Publishers Association

Examples of workshops

Another example with the "exterior day" workshop carried out by French photographer Richard Baron : he worked with the inhabitants of Roubaix and around the Maison du Projet de la Lainière, allowing them to take another look at their district. Such project gave rise to a photographic booklet entitled La Lainière – A photographic turn.

French photographer Marc Mounier-Kuhn regularly leads workshops dedicated to children and adults in order to make them familiar with the practice of photography, portraits, visual narration, or even the semiology of images.

French photographer Charles Delcourt also leads workshops over several days to introduce documentary photography and reportage to the public. Several themes are discussed such as composition, framing, colors work, understanding of the photo subject. Those discussions then bring moments of practice and shootings.

For more information on the organization of events and workshops, you can contact us by email at or or by phone at +33 (0) 3 20 06 90 98.

Hanging of the photographs made during the "Portraits Croisés" workshop with French photographer Richard Baron (Seclin, 2013-2014)and Portraits extracted from the booklet "Portraits emportés" printed and edited after the workshop with the youth from Arras that participated in it