At Light Motiv, we are more than just photobook publishers : we seek to fully support editorial projects of photographers and artists and take their works further through exhibitions, workshops, debates, readings...

We have been working on a demanding selection for ten years through contemporary photographic production. The chosen authors affirm their presence in the world through photography, an unequaled sensitive instrument.

For the last few years, the world of photography has experienced a new editorial breath, encouraged by an outstanding and improving printing quality and a growing enthusiasm for the still image among wider audiences. Light Motiv offers you to rent many photographic exhibitions based on its publications. Mainly targeting media libraries, those exhibitions can adapt to most places as well as give an artistic show accessible to a diverse audience, not always familiar with the still image.

Each show attempts to give multiple complementary ways of presenting photographic worksthat can adjust to the target audience through, for example, conferences, workshops, debates, talks...

Upon request Light Motiv may help la to educate participants and media libraries staff on themes and tools used with the chosen exhibition so they can welcome the public with full expertise and knowledge.

If you are interested, you can receive our exhibitions catalogue or ask for more information about prices, logistics, organisations of events... Feel free to contact us by email at edition@lightmotiv.com or laurene@lightmotiv.com or by phone at +33 (0) 3 20 06 90 98.