Light Motiv

LLight Motiv is a photographic agency based in northern France, originally founded in 1986.

To know more about the agency itself and its photographers, please have a look at Light Motiv.

Light Motiv is also a french independent publishing company specialised in photography, founded in 2007 by Eric Le Brun who is also the head of the eponymous photographic agency mentioned above. The initial idea to combine an agency to a publisher has been to deepen the visual creation driven by the agency's photographers even further. The overall project of the publishing company, supported by the creative emulation represented by the agency, is to evolve as closely as possible to emerging photographic trends and talents.

The editorial agenda

Light Motiv publishing's documentary and artistic line aims at questioning visible and invisible transformations of societies and environments.

Each book is particularly made through the creative work and the collective thinking process between the author, the photographer, the writer, the graphic designer and the publisher while they continuously explore the resonances between text and image.

The idea is to match the final object (texture, cover, paper, book format...) with the content's message. Both photographic and literary narratives take the reader at the heart of unique stories. While the books’ documentary themes tackle identity, alterity, landscape, changes within environment and societies, the visual narrative stimulates imagination thanks to the photographer’s artistic personality.

« Through the unfolding flow of images that invade us, publishers of photobooks offer a choice, a beacon, a freeze frame » (quote from an interview with Eric Le Brun, publisher, in 2019)

The team

Eric Le Brun
Director of Light Motiv and publisher
03 20 06 90 98
06 14 67 85 68

Nadège Fagoo
Photographic agency's coordinator and photographer
03 20 06 90 98
06 13 65 67 89

Elodie Collet
Producer, mediation supervisor and administration coordinator
03 20 06 90 98
06 76 12 80 89

Laurène Becquart
Chargée des relations libraires et internationales
03 20 06 90 98
06 77 72 42 54

Avec le chat Moquette !

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